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Bootstrap 4 BluePrints drag-and-drop page generator (
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Please read all description!!!!
Bootstrap 4 BluePrints blocks page generator
it's just proof-of-concept, we start working on a block-based generator based on the Bootstrap v.4

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1. Click on the plus button and select from the block categories.
2. Click on the block to add it to the template.
3. Just click and drag to move the block.
4. Just click on the button with a cross to remove the block.
5. Choose File/Save project / Open project to save/open current project.
At the moment this only works with one working project
Also, there is a function to save the entire template in the zip archive.

We will keep you informed of all the changes, we also would like to make it the most convenient and simple for you so we will be happy to hear any of your comments here! Thanks!